1. Prepare well

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Thinking about employing a youth or children’s worker? Fantastic! This resource provides some important direction as your parish begins the employment process.

  1. Contact the PYM of KF team to discuss your options for employing a youth or children’s worker. We have loads of experience in this area and can save you hours of time.
  2. Explore your parish’s needs 
    • Why do you want a youth or children’s worker?
    • Define the parishes vision
    • Set core values
    • Define the specific mission that this new position centres around
    • Set goals for this new ministry initiative
    • Determine the target audience
      (see Kids Friendly guide for more guided and detailed exploration. Note although written by Kids Friendly it can be equally applied to youth ministry.)
  3. Create the position
    • Use the Youth Worker Job Description Template as a starting point
    • Let PYM/KF help you write your JD
    • Assess the parishes financial capacity to employ a youth or children’s worker. We strongly suggest that you consider paying more for a more experienced person.
    • Use the Recommended PYM pay scale
    • Ensure there is budget for Professional Development, mobile phone, computer, programs etc
    • Explore external funding sources if necessary http://pym.org.nz/resources/funding/
    • Create an employment contract. To do this we strongly recommend that you contact the PCANZ HR consultant Margaret Fawcett (Ph 043818291). She is our resident expert on employment-related issues. She is very keen to help any parish which is looking to employ a children’s or youth worker in drafting an employment contract.