Facebook Code of Conduct for youth groups

imgresDifferent youth groups do different things to encourage healthy interactions online. St. Peter’s Church in Tauranga developed a Facebook Code of Conduct, which helped in their situation, and can now always be referred back to if needed.

Here it is:

Facebook Code of Conduct.
Facebook can be great, it can also be awful.
As those who have chosen to identify with Jesus we want to maintain a sense of dignity and positivity here.

Like if you agree with, and commit to, the following.

1] We will honour God

2] We will respect genders, races, sexuality and religions without prejudice or negative/insulting remarks.

3] We will conduct ourselves with dignity

4] We will not post any:
offensive language [including swearing and sexual remarks]
inappropriate photos or links

5] We will commit to being positive and friendly in our involvement. This includes Facebook hacks; be funny and creative; not crude.

“Be careful how you live, as wise not unwise, redeeming the time because the days are evil”
Ephesians 5:15-16