Matt Chamberlin – an introduction


Matt Chamberlin has started work as the PYM Youth Director. Here he introduces himself.


A bit about me. I’ve spent most of my life living somewhere in Auckland but have also lived further south in Hamilton for a few years. I became a follower of Jesus at the age of 22 and connected into Howick Presbyterian Church. I started out my working career as a physiotherapist and worked in several hospitals and private practices until the call to youth ministry got the better of me.

In 2004 I began working for the Young Life New Zealand Trust, an interdenominational organisation that helps get young people connected to caring adults from local churches as well as helping churches to create helpful spaces for unchurched students to wrestle with faith. I’ve also been a part time youth pastor at Howick Presbyterian Church for eight years and feel very privileged to have played a part in the discipleship of some fantastic leaders and students. I’ve seen and been part of some great examples of churches making very meaningful contributions in their community and at the same time giving great testimony to the faith that they hold.

I feel very excited to have been invited to take on this role. I have been taught, encouraged and mentored by some fantastic, insightful and faithful youth work and youth ministry practitioners over the past decade. I look forward to bringing these skills and insights into the youth director role. I really enjoy the challenge of training people in youth work, helping them to see themselves as part of a bigger story and am constantly on the hunt for new ways to make important ideas stick. I’m currently studying a Masters in Counselling part time and have found great synergy in the way in which counselling and youth ministry can benefit each other in the care of young people.

I’m married to Stephanie, a teacher, writer and super-mum and have two daughters, Hannah (4.5) and Lila (21months). To relax I love taking my girls on adventures, and making time for outdoor pursuits (I find I’m a better person after I’ve been exhausted/ scared by a day at a rock face.) I’ve developed an addiction to audio books, love a good movie, find chocolate hard to resist and detest coffee. I love the multicultural vibe of Auckland and have worked my way into the pantry of many international families.

Looking forward to running on the road ahead with you all.

Photo note: we are not usually this well dressed and our kids are usually not this compliant.

Matt Chamberlin