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Beneath the Southern Cross

We’re excited to share with you the brand new music video by Malcolm Gordon, ‘Beneath the Southern Cross’. This song celebrates the diversity and richness of the Presbyterian Church here in New Zealand, and the heritage of the story that we are a part of. It is our gift to the wider Church to give thanks for 200 years of the Gospel in Aotearoa.

Reaching church youth at university

For many young people leaving home to attend a university in another part of the country can be daunting. It’s a time of great change, excitement and many new challenges. Home, and your home church, can feel very far away when in an unfamiliar place surrounded by lots of new people.

Must Read Books

Last summer I got to hang out with Mark Oestreicher for a week in Auckland. Marko heads up the Youth Cartel, and was president of Youth Specialties for 8 years. Here is Marko’s list of must read youth ministry books.