Sustainable Practices

sustainable practices Presbyterian Youth Ministry

We are excited to introduce Sustainable Practices for Youth Ministry, a practical guide to help churches think through the key issues of either employing a youth worker or managing a key volunteer youth leader.

Longevity of our youth leaders is crucial if we are to reach this generation.

This resource contains seven sustainable practices which we hope all churches will adopt. We believe these practices will greatly help to ensure the sustainability and longevity of youth ministry really help to ensure enable your church if they put in practice and reviewed regularly.

guy2This is a working document, and we ask you establish a working group to go through this resource. The group will explore each of the sustainable practices in turn; reflect on how the church is already embracing this practice and then list action points on ways the church can improve on what it currently does.Whether the sustainable practices are new to you, or your church is embracing several or all of the practices, your church will benefit from identifying areas of improvement.

This resource has the potential to change the culture of youth ministry throughout Aotearoa, as it has been endorsed not only by PCANZ, but by seven other mainline denominations.