Bible Jamming

When musicians ‘jam’ they play a song over and over ‘til it’s in the groove, thus the title of this approach to getting into a Bible passage.

Start in whichever way seems normal (first round is the most familiar to many) and use at least 4 of the suggestions below.

First round – one person reads the passage through out loud

2nd round – everyone reads the passage, a verse each around the group (people can pass if they really seem uncomfortable)

3rd round – someone starts and the next person picks up when/where the first stops (“handing over”)

4th round – “cut in” on (interrupt) one another.. mid-verse or wherever!

5th round – anyone cuts in OR hands over to each other

6th round – read only the dialogue (leave out narration or thoughts)

7th round – reading random verse(s) until someone reads the last verse