Going Global Myanmar, 28 Nov – 13 Dec 2017


Going Globa­­­­­­­­l 2017 is an exciting opportunity for young adults (18-30) from the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand to connect with their peers the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar.

Tahan Theological College has invited us to be part of their end of year and Christmas events. Their Christmas Fun Fete is a 2 night festival where TTC staff and students host the local community in a Christmas celebration.

This is an opportunity to serve alongside the students, by helping to prepare and set up for the festival, as well as participating in the cultural show. The students range in age from 18-25

Going Global is also a formation learning experience. As a team we will participate in modules about mission, such as the theology of mission, mission as partnership, development, community building and cross cultural awareness.


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