PYM Internship, Accepting applications for 2017

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Beginning the journey into youth ministry as a vocational calling is an exciting, rewarding, and challenging adventure. Our church desperately needs theologically trained, skilled, youth workers who are committed to professional development and who see their ministry in vocational terms. It is our hope and prayer that the Bachelor of Ministry (Bmin) PYM Internship will see a new wave and generation of such youth workers and ministers taking up positions of leadership in our church.

current pym internsThe BMin PYM Internship trains and develops leaders to be practical theologians in their work and ministry to and with young people and the wider faith community. The primary goal of the youth ministry internship is ministry formation and training in the context of supervised ministry experience. Alongside qualifying with a Bmin you will also be awarded a Diploma in Presbyterian Youth Ministry which is a church-based award.

The Bachelor of Ministry PYM Internship is a collaboration between Presbyterian Youth Ministry (PYM), the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership (KCML), the local church, and Laidlaw College or Carey Baptist College.

Ten hours of the intern’s time will be spent in supervised ministry, normally in the parish setting, and 30 hours of their time will be spent in structured distance learning and attending the occasional block course and other training days. This will include teaching and input from experienced youth ministry practitioners.

It is a sign of the Presbyterian Church’s commitment to youth ministry and the training of youth workers. More deeply it recognises the importance of having well-trained practical theologians dedicated to working with young people.

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Full information can be found on our PYM Internship Page