Presbyterian Schools’ song project – Pioneers of Hope

I am very pleased to be able to make available to you the video recording of Rev Malcolm Gordon’s song Pioneers of Hope, written to mark the centenary celebrations of a number of our Presbyterian Schools’ over 2014-2019.

The video can be viewed via YouTube here and is available for download here. The sound file is here. These are all the ‘pop anthem’ version of the song. A choral version will be available soon.
The main recording was made by representatives of many of our schools who gathered at Scots College, Wellington at the end of last term. You can view a photo album (which has seven pages) of the recording day here.
A second recording was made with a group of students from Columba College in Dunedin and added to the sound track.
The music for the sound track was provided by students from Saint Kentigern College, Auckland.
A copy of the music is here with the full choral version of the music here.
Many thanks to those staff and students who enabled the project to happen along with Rev Malcolm Gordon, Rev Matt Chapman and the other technical experts involved.

Sharon Ross Ensor