Apply for Internship – Switzerland


With application deadlines 15 March, the WCC invites applications of church-engaged youth to undertake an internship with the council at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva in 2018.

WCC member churches are invited to send in applications of young people actively involved in church and ecumenical relations to the WCC internship programme. The programme’s overarching goal is to strengthen church and ecumenical relations with the churches and create benefits for young people through:

  • capacity building
  • ecumenical formation
  • regional relations
  • international and multicultural exposure
  • leadership building for work in the churches

The programme offers an 18-month programme for four young people aged 21-29 who hold an undergraduate degree. Interns are assigned to work for 12 months at the WCC offices in Geneva, Switzerland in one of the programme areas of the WCC. This is then followed by a six-month work placement in the intern’s own country.

Available work areas include Communication, Health and Healing, Just Community of Women and Men, and Commission of the Churches on International Affairs.

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Download application guidelines (pdf 254 KB, also available as Word document)

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