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Recommended Pay Scale for youth workers

The PYM Recommended payscale has been recently updated for staff being employed due to the recent increase in the Living Wage.

2019 PCANZ-recommended-pay-scale-for-staff-working-with-young-people

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand adopted the Living wage at GA2012 as the minimum an employee should be paid. The Living wage is currently set at $21.15. This is the minimum amount any lay ministry staff member should be paid.
In addition to the current living wage, it is recommended churches take into account qualifications, experience, responsibility and their location when determining the pay.

It is hoped that the pay scale will encourage lay ministry workers to work longer for churches and to get better qualified.

It is recommended once employed, the lay ministry worker should be reviewed annually, with an increase in salary set on 1 July based on the Labour Cost Index to March, issued by the Department of Statistics.

Young Adult delegate needed for CWM gathering

The Council for World Mission have advised dates and details regarding both their regional gathering in 2020 and their Assembly.

As a member of CWM, the Presbyterian Church is entitled to select four people to attend these events.

Please note any person selected must be able to attend both events.

The dates for these events are

Pacific: Suva, Fiji
9-11 March, plus travel days each side


Assembly: Johannesburg, South Africa
12-19 June, plus travel days each side.

In addition, the youth delegate must be free to attend the Youth Assembly prior to the Assembly.

Those dates are 9-11 June

All travel and accommodation costs are covered.

We note there may not be any possibility to change travel dates – and as such any personal travel around these events may not be possible.

We note that you may be required to share a room at either of both these events and that selection will be in the hands of CWM.


One of the most important decisions of the Assembly is electing the Board who will govern CWM for the next four years. 
Quality leadership maters to CWM.
Only those people attending the Assembly can be nominated and so those nominated to attend need to understand that they could be elected to the Board.
So those attending must be able to commit to a minimum of 3 weeks face to face meetings per year plus reading and responding to emails should they be elected.
Each region nominates people and it is the Assembly that votes on the Directors.
CWM state Board members need to be able to demonstrate
  • committed to the purpose, objects and values of the organisation
  • be constructive about other Board members onions
  • be able to act responsibility and responsibly 
  • be able to maintain confidentiality
  • able to analyse information – sometime complex information – and when necessary, challenge constructively
  • ability to think strategically
  • able to make collective decisions able to respect boundaries between management and governance 
  • problem solving skills
  • flexibility and adaptability

We wish to create an open and transparent process regarding selecting people.

To that end we are inviting people interested to express their interest in being one of our representatives.


We are asking all expressions of interest be received by 5pm Monday 23 September.

(please note no late applications cannot be considered)

We would advise CWM of our nominations by 5pm Monday 30 September.

You will need to confirm that you have a current passport that expires after December 2020 or that you will obtain one if nominated.


The selection process was then undertaken by the AES, Council Of Assembly  Convener and Deputy – based on the criteria CWM state.

That includes

  • total of four representatives; no more than two males; no more than two ordained; a youth rep (under 30 – not ordained); ideally equal number of male/female etc.


To assist the discernment process, in your expression of interest please include:

  • A letter of introduction setting out why you are expressing an interest
  • statement of current role/s within PCANZ
  • statement on any past or present engagement and or history you have had with CWM
  • statement of professional qualifications and work experience together with experience in and with serving on Boards; governance and leadership experience. (This will be most important in determining the selection process)


Please send this to me


Wayne Matheson

Assembly Executive Secretary



All expressions of interest will be acknowledged and all will be advised if they have been successful or not.


Thank you in advance