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give thanks

Thankful Advent Calendar

The Christian writer G. K. Chesterton had the right idea when he said we need to get in the habit of “taking things with gratitude and not taking things for granted.” Gratitude puts everything in a fresh perspective; it enables us to see the many blessings all around us. And the more ways we find to give thanks, the more things we find to be grateful for.


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Positive Youth Development

Positive Youth Development (PYD) has been described as an “approach that guides communities in the way they organise programmes, people and supports so that young people can develop to their full potential “(Pittman). This Positive Youth Development in Aotearoa (PYDA) framework seeks to explore the confluence between the various approaches to PYD documented in local and international literature, with the grass roots experiences of young people and organisations in Aotearoa / New Zealand. We hope to promote fresh thinking by those working with young people and the funding providers supporting them. This includes both private and public funders of adolescent focused programmes across a range of professions (social work, youth work, education, counselling, social services, corrections, justice etc), as well as managers, programme leaders and programme designers, the adults working with young people as well as parents, communities and young people themselves.


how to start a new youth ministry

How to Start a Youth Ministry from Scratch

How to Start a Youth Ministry from Scratch

You want to start a youth ministry at your church (or perhaps you’ve been kindly asked by your minister)? That’s great! Youth ministry is an important ministry but where do you start?

The good news is, we are finding that when churches have intentional leaders who start up new youth ministries in NZ, we are seeing really high success rates in getting the ministries off the ground.


grandma Presbyterian Youth Ministry

Twenty Ideas for Grandparents

Twenty Best Ideas

To help families and leaders leverage the influence of grandparents, with the launch of Sticky Faith FYI decided to ask grandparents who are part of the Fuller community and walking this Sticky Faith journey to share their best ideas to build Sticky Faith in their grandkids. We originally posted over 40 ideas but we’ve distilled the list to 20 FYI Favorites for grandparents.