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grandma Presbyterian Youth Ministry

Twenty Ideas for Grandparents

Twenty Best Ideas

To help families and leaders leverage the influence of grandparents, with the launch of Sticky Faith FYI decided to ask grandparents who are part of the Fuller community and walking this Sticky Faith journey to share their best ideas to build Sticky Faith in their grandkids. We originally posted over 40 ideas but we’ve distilled the list to 20 FYI Favorites for grandparents.


Must Read Books

Last summer I got to hang out with Mark Oestreicher for a week in Auckland. Marko heads up the Youth Cartel, and was president of Youth Specialties for 8 years. Here is Marko’s list of must read youth ministry books.

GTD Presbyterian Youth Ministry

Getting Things Done – tips for youth workers.

Being a youth worker, it is very easy to be busy, but it is not so easy to be productive. Often you are interrupted in what you are doing to do other tasks, whether that is from a student, your minister, a parent, a member of the congregation etc. I think most of us are very good at using a calendar, we put events and meetings into our calendar, and we trust the calendar system, and we check our calendar so we know what we are up to, and we don’t miss calendar events.

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Making disciple-making disciples

Peter Cheyne was the moderator of the Presbyterian church of Aotearoa New Zealand from 2010 to 2012. His theme was Making disciple-making disciples

Peter says he chose this theme because Jesus’ parting words to the disciples were “go and make disciples” and it’s something he is passionate about.