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Justice & Action

The Justice & Action study booklet has been produced by PresCare – the partnership between the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Presbyterian Support – to help equip congregations to take action on family violence and child poverty.


Leadership Coaching Workshop October

Get $95 worth of leadership coaching for $20.

The Leadership coaching approach provides tools for leaders to empower others more efficiently and effectively. To help people lead themselves well, and in turn lead others well.


Be Still – free copies

We have a number of free copies of the Be Still prayer book by Iain Gow (Author) and Nat Tate (Illustrator). (value nz$14.95) To receive your copy email gordon@pym.or.gnz


Gather and Go – Christchurch

At the heart of being Presbyterian is an ethos of ‘we’re in this together’. St Paul’s imagery of the church as the body of Christ is familiar way of looking at it. We are not the church by ourselves, we are in this thing together. We want to help this reality be a little bit more real for our young people.