Elements of a Healthy and Sustainable Youth Ministry: 2. Leadership

2.  Leadership

A healthy and effective youth ministry will both have and be producing godly and capable leaders. In practice this means:

  • Youth leaders first and foremost exhibit two traits: to love God and love young people. We often make the mistake of thinking youth leaders need to be young, fun and “cool”, yet God (and for that matter most young people themselves) are looking for leaders with just these two traits. Everything else can be taught.
  • Leaders strive for excellence, knowing that they are accountable to God for the quality of their leadership. In these days of job descriptions, monthly reports and performance appraisals it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that our ultimate accountability is to God, and because he is God He deserves our very best. The most effective leaders understand this and are internally motivated to go the extra mile and make the extra effort in order that God might be glorified.
  • Leaders will be engaged in suitable ongoing training and mentoring from someone with greater experience and Christian maturity. We can never sit back and think we know it all. Effective youth leaders will welcome the opportunity to undergo training and will seek out mentors.


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