Elements of a Healthy and Sustainable Youth Ministry: 5. Programmes

5.    Programmes

An effective youth ministry will have programmes that are comprehensive and excellent in purpose and execution. In practice this means:

  • A full range of programming elements will be present.  Acts 2:42-43 gives five aspects of programming that were important for the early church and should be evident in any youth group: teaching, fellowship, worship, prayer and mission. A programme containing these elements will be balanced but it should also be varied and creative so as to appeal to various preferences the young people have.
  • Programmes will have purpose and relevance. As we organise programmes we need to be clear about purpose. We need to think about why we are running programmes, who we are targeting, and what our expected outcomes are. This prevents us spending time on activities that have no real purpose and do not contribute to the goal of making disciples.
  • Programmes will aim to achieve a high standard of excellence. All that we do in youth ministry, including running programmes should be done to the glory of God. This means we strive to do our very best in planning and running programmes and gthat we are careful to evaluate what we do and reflect on how we might improve.


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