Queen’s Birthday Weekend 3-5 June

Green Pastures Camp, Whanganui

“Emerging Leaders” is a leadership retreat for those at high school in years 11, 12 & 13 (or equivalent) with involvement in leadership or an interest in stepping up to leadership. We aim to equip you with all the essential you need to know as well as giving you an inspiring few days together with other young people who share you passion for God and for leadership. While there is some free time, the focus is on going deeper and learning as much as we can in the brief time we have together.


I.   Leadership Dynamics

  • Christian Leadership: The qualities and attributes of an effective Christian leader.
  • Safe Practice: Safety and ethics in working with young people.

II.   Leadership Skills

  • Running games: Principles and practice for leading games.
  • Organising events: Guidelines for planning, running and assessing effective activities.

III.  Self awareness

  • Discovering your gifts: Finding areas where God has gifted us and ways we can use those gifts in youth ministry.
  • Personal wholeness: Identifying the areas of our lives we need God to be working in in order to make us whole.

IV.   Personal devotion

  • Studying the Bible: Principles and suggestions for personal Bible reading and study.
  • Hearing God’s voice: How to listen for God and recognise when He’s speaking to us.


Cost is $115 which includes accommodation, meals and training materials.

Registrations close 29 May 2017.

Note: Emerging leaders who attend must be accompanied by their youth pastor or key youth leader who is needed to offer support over the weekend and to help them integrate what they learn into their leadership role.