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  • The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand believes that ministry to young people is a high priority for the Church. While youth ministry can be challenging, if a new youth minister is coached by an experienced youth minister, they are more likely to lead a healthy and effective youth ministry.
  • The Coaching Program is for new key youth leaders (paid or volunteer) in their first year of ministry.
  • The youth leader will meet up with the coach regularly over their first year of youth ministry.

    We have trained coaches throughout New Zealand.

  • 1. Helping new youth leaders think through some of the basics of youth ministry leadership.
    2. Supporting new youth leaders in the challenges they are facing in the first year of ministry.
  • These are the topics that participants will explore


    1. Long Range Planning
    2. Communication (with parents, volunteers, staff)
    3. Event Planning
    4. Building a volunteer team
    5. Self-care
    6. Relational Youth Ministry
    7. Helping in Crisis