Models of Supervision

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The same model of supervision will not be suitable for all situations. The model you work best with will depend on the kind of person you are, the type of ministry you are involved with and the requirements of your organisation. Those who spend a lot of time in counselling situations or work in a social work environment are likely to have monthly or even more regular meetings with a paid supervisor who has qualifications in supervision. Some people meet with colleagues who work in a similar area of ministry. They may supervise each other in the same session. A volunteer youth leader in a parish may choose to meet with someone from within the parish who has no direct involvement in youth ministry but who has the necessary qualities of a supervisor. Another person may choose a supervisor who is not part of their working environment, they may be from another church or a similar style of youth organisation. Some people use a model of group supervision. In a small group, usually people working in a similar field, the group members will take it in turns to be put “on the spot” by the others. This model is not recommended for people with limited experience of supervision as the group can easily operate at the level of the lowest common denominator and not really dig around the personal issues.