3DM Discipleship


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Workshop -Making discipleship real

Time: 17:00 Saturday
Where: Founders Lounge
Style: Interactive Workshop
Interest: General

Jesus’ strategy for winning the world was  making disciples. However, we can be a bit fuzzy as to what exactly discipleship is or how to do it in our own context. At Miramar Uniting Church, we’ve been learning about, and putting into practice, a discipleship model developed by a group called 3DM that is intentional and replicable.  Come along to this interactive workshop where I’ll introduce you to one of the key tools we’re using to disciple people who are then equipped to disciple others.


Rebecca Wilcox


Youth and Children’s worker
Miramar Uniting Church Wellington

Rebecca has been the Youth and Children’s worker at Miramar Uniting Church in Wellington for the past 5 years. Alongside her church, she is currently on a journey to create a discipleship culture among their young people.

3DM Discipleship