Barefoot theology


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Workshop – Barefoot theology

At its most basic level theology is simply talking or reasoning about God, so in one sense every Christian is a theologian! Theology is based on our words and ideas about God as we respond to His Word within the context of our time and place. In this barefoot guide to theology we will dig into the Scriptures and use some basic tools to help us gain a deeper understanding of God’s revelation in the story of the Bible. Last but not least, we will share our stories about how theological thinking can be applied in everyday contexts and the youth ministry.

Interactive workshop

Time: 12:00 Saturday
Where: Elm Dining
Style: Interactive Workshop
Interest: General



Terry Pouono


Lecturer and Kaiako
Laidlaw College

Terry Pouono is a kaiako and lecturer in the School of Theology based at Manukau campus. Terry teaches a range of theology courses at the Manukau campus. He is also an ordained faifeau in the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa, has taught at Malua Theological College, and worked in the Tuakana student support programme at the University of Auckland. He is a West Aucklander living in South Auckland, is married to Toese and they have four children.