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Workshop – Coconut water in a Coca Cola bottle: In search of an Identity: A New Zealand-born Samoan Christian in a Globalized World

In this session, we will  look at how Christianity was integrated with Pacific cultures and how Pacific churches developed over the years. From this brief reflection, we will look at the importance of preserving church and cultural traditions in diaspora Pacific Island churches in New Zealand. What are some of the challenges faced by Pacific Island churches in the 21st century? What are the perspectives of our Pacific youth with regards to gospel and culture? These questions will be a starting point for discussion.

Time: 9:30 Sunday
Where: Elm Hall
Style: Interactive Workshop
Interest: General



Terry Pouono


Lecturer and Kaiako
Laidlaw College

Terry Pouono is a kaiako and lecturer in the School of Theology based at Manukau campus. Terry teaches a range of theology courses at the Manukau campus. He is also an ordained faifeau in the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa, has taught at Malua Theological College, and worked in the Tuakana student support programme at the University of Auckland. He is a West Aucklander living in South Auckland, is married to Toese and they have four children.