Faith development for girls: more than just a guy thing


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Workshop – Faith development for girls: more than just a guy thing

Time: 9:30 Sunday
Where: Elm Dining
Style: Interactive Workshop
Interest: General

This workshop explores gender in discipleship. What can we learn from teenagers in the Bible like Loruhamah and Jarius’ daughter?  It is an important question given most material on faith development has been written by men. Voices of contemporary pre-teenagers will be placed alongside Biblical voices in asking how we encourage faith development for all God’s people.

Interactive Workshop



Steve Taylor


Knox Centre Ministry and Leadership

Steve was born in Papua New Guinea and initially worked on orchards in Central Otago before training for Baptist ministry and serving in church planting and pastoral ministry in Auckland and Christchurch. He has lectured for Laidlaw College, Uniting College for Leadership and Theology and Flinders University and as an Adjunct Lecturer at Carey Baptist College, Fuller Theological Seminary, Tabor College, University of Otago and Charles Sturt University. His interests are in missiology, practical theology, indigenous Christologies and popular culture.  He has been a film reviewer for Touchstone magazine since 2005, is the author of The Out of Bounds Church? and Built for Change and gained a Flinders University Vice-Chancellors Excellence in Teaching Award in 2015. He speaks across a range of denominations and countries in areas of innovation, missiology and being church today. He joined the Knox team in 2015 as Principal, after serving as Director of Missiology, Post-graduate Coordinator and Principal of Uniting College for Leadership and Theology in Adelaide, Australia. He is married to Lynne Taylor and they enjoy two teenagers and the beauty of Otago Peninsula.