Getting Inside Their Heads: Understanding the Teenage Mind.


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Workshop – Getting Inside Their Heads: Understanding the Teenage Mind.

Time: 10:30 Saturday
Where: Elm Hall
Style: Interactive Workshop
Interest: General
CoreTopic: Established Leaders

“Is life so different from when I was 13?” What makes the teenage years so tough? This seminar will give you some insight into why teens act the way they do…or the way they don’t. We’ll look at some of these issues: How is growing up today different from twenty or thirty years ago? What makes adolescence such a perilous journey? What are the three key factors that shape the teenage experience in this second decade of the new millennium? What is adolescent schizophrenia, and how does it affect a teen?



Dr Duffy Robbins


Duffy has given his life to Youth Ministry. He is Professor of Youth Ministry at Eastern University, P.A. USA and speaks internationally to youth, youth workers and parents.