How Te Tiriti O Waitangi can make us better youth leaders


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Workshop – How Te Tiriti O Waitangi can make us better youth leaders

Time: 17:00 Friday
Where: Elm Hall
Style: Interactive Workshop
Interest: General

In this workshop we’ll be looking at the relevance of the Treaty of Waitangi in Youthwork. We’ll be exploring how to integrate its principals into the work we do as youth leaders, and how to engage in youthwork using the tools that can be offered by Maori world view. We’ll look at a biblical approach to the Treaty, and how that affects us as Christians, and lastly we will look at some tools we can use to teach our youth about the treaty from a Christian perspective



Eugene Fuimaono

Eugene Fuimaono


Eugene is the Lower North Island Youth Consultant for Scripture Union. He is hugely passionate about empowering youth pastors and workers in their amazing work, and is always inspired when people are engaging with the difficult questions especially around biculturalism. Eugene is of mixed parentage, Maori/Samoan/Dutch, and teaches from his own experiences of walking the multi-cultural line, but also has worked in the Church and Community sectors with multi-cultural youth and draws on both experience, study, and relationship to teach on these difficult matters. Eugene’s qualifications are a Diploma in Youth and Community studies majoring in Te Ao Maori in youthwork, and a BA in Commercial Music