Justice for the poorest of the poor is not Trumped Up.


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Workshop – Justice for the poorest of the poor is not Trumped Up.

Time: 17:00 Saturday
Where: Elm Dining
Style: Interactive Workshop
Interest: General

In this workshop we will be talking facts and no fake-news, because The world’s maginalised need action and honesty. Amid threats of terrorism and large scale immigration National Security is big on many nation’s agendas but what does it mean to be neighbours to one-another? Is it a time to be building walls or knocking them down? Is all this some kind of prophecy being fulfilled? How can we be sure when and how to respond to God’s call for change and action on behalf of the most marginalised when there are so many competing voices, each with their own truths?


Jamie Allen


Jamie Allen is an Anglican priest who is part of the team at Tearfund NZ. His role is to connect up the life and voice of the Church with the partners we serve overseas; and to catalyse small justice-focussed church groups to be resourced to make a difference. Jamie is also Co-ordinator for a residential Suicide Prevention initiative based in Taranaki.