LGBTIA.. what?- understanding our diverse young people.

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Workshop – LGBTIA.. what?- understanding our diverse young people.

Time: 12:00 Saturday
Where: Elm Hall
Style: Interactive Workshop
Interest: General

There are a lot of labels these days which young people use to describe their gender identity or sexual orientation. You may have heard words such as ‘gender queer,’ ‘pansexual’ or ‘asexual’ and perhaps not understood what they meant. This workshop is a safe space for people to learn together some of words and ideas which the LGBTIAQ community are using. The workshop will involve a short 101 presentation to help you understand the different terms that are being used followed by open space to bring questions from your context. The workshop will be grounded in the principles of the Youth Development Strategy of Aotearoa (YDSA)  and will help equip you to support a wider variety of young people. This approach encourages us to help young people to make well-informed decisions taking into account the theological position of their church, and their own goals and beliefs.



Neill Ballantyne

Neil Ballantyne

Youth Coach
Vibe Youth Services Wellington

Neill is a passionate change maker who is trying to bring more love, equality and justice into the world. He studied theology at the University of Otago, has spent time leading the Student Christian Movement of Aotearoa and is an Anglican lay preacher. He is a strong advocate for the LGBTIAQ community and strongly believes that our churches need to become more welcoming and affirming places for all people. He currently works as a youth coach in the Hutt Valley, helping young people dream big dreams and progress towards their goals. He shares his life with his partner in crime- Morrigan and together they hope to adopt a puppy in the very near future.