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Workshop – Eventful events

How to keep young people out of hospital and youth workers out of prison. [Double Workshop]

Time: 09:30 & 11:00 Sunday
CoreTopic: merging Leaders
Where: Pinewood Dining
Style: Interactive Workshop

There’s lots of scaremongering going about with the changes in health and safety legislation. This double workshop cuts to the chase with a super practical take on all the important stuff you need to know. This training goes towards the PCANZ Children’s and Youth Leader Safety WOF certificate.

The Risk Management Workshop looks. at Physical, Psychological, Sexual and Spiritual safety. This workshop is packed with loads of practical ways you can make your ministry as safe as possible.

This training goes towards the PCANZ Children’s and Youth Leader Safety WOF

Note you must attend all four workshops (Sticky Situations 1&2 and Eventful Events 1&2 to receive your WOF certificate)


Matt Chamberlin


Matt Chamberlin is the National Youth Director for the Presbyterian Church. He has been involved in youth work for over a decade working as a youth pastor, youth worker in schools and as a General Manager of a youth work agency.  Matt finds great synergy in the way that his interests in youth work, counselling, science and theology can complement each other as we wrestle with how to build the church in the 21st century.

Gordon Fitch


Gordon is the National Youth Ministry Manager for the Presbyterian Church. He is married to his wonderful American wife Amanda. Gordon’s interests include football, golf, travel, and he has a real passion for mission and family. Gordon has served in youth ministry for 18 years, in a number of contexts, and has experienced God do some incredible things.