Teen Dating and Relating: Leading the Bull through the China Shop


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Workshop – Teen Dating and Relating: Leading the Bull through the China Shop

Time: 11:00 Sunday
Where: Elm Fireside
Style: Interactive Workshop

Now that we have addressed some of the issues in our lives, and are willing to challenge ourselves, we are on the right path to leading our kids well. What kind of conversations can we have with teens about this tricky subject? Do we ask their parents if we can have these convo’s with their child? What do we even think about this topic? This session will be a practical conversation on how to share your story in this area and how to help others talk about their story.



Valentine Tauamiti


Community Partnership Manager
The Parenting Place
Young Adults Pastor Greenlane Christian Centre

Valentine  is a New Zealand born Samoan, who cut his teeth on chasing sheep, playing cricket, and searching for live-meat in the bush(hunting). It was his childhood dream to host Country Calendar, but because he is far too young for the desired demographic he has applied himself to youth-work, community development, and public speaking until the day arises that Country Calendar may want to hire a Samoan. He currently resides in Auckland, where he manages Community Partnerships for The Parenting Place, and is also the Musterer/Pastor of Young Adults at Greenlane Christian Centre. However he is a one eyed Cantabrian, so don’t call him an Aucklander. In his spare time he plays rugby, helps out with a small hunting apparel business, and likes to people watch.