Transformers Camp… What next?


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Workshop – Transformers Camp… What next?

Time: 11:00 Sunday
Where: Founders Lounge
Style: Interactive Workshop
Interest: Intermediates

Kids often come back from Transformers camp champing at the bit to get involved in our churches, sometimes it can prove challenging to know where to fit them in. This workshop will explore how to capitalise on the momentum of Transformers camp; encourage and foster an intergenerational mentoring model aimed at intermediate kids.  Using Greenlane Presbyterian Church as an example, we will go through how they are building a growing group of intermediate leaders and how they overcome obstacles along the way.



Tala Page-To’oala


Youth & Families Worker
Greenlane Presbyterian Church

2017 marks the 11th year of Tala being in paid ministry. Her passion is mentoring, bridging the gap between children and youth ministries, and community work. Tala also serves as the Deputy Chairperson on an intermediate school Board of Trustees, volunteers at a primary school and coaches hockey at a high school in her spare time, all while enjoying being newly married to her lovely husband, Gavin!