What are we doing when we preach?

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What are we doing when we preach?

This is a highly interactive session where we all hopefully learn from each other – with Uncle Barth as our starting point.

Time: 11:00 Sunday
Where: Founders Lounge
Style: Interactive Workshop

Bringing Karl Barth’s understanding of preaching into how we are forming faith in the communities we preach to. This workshop highlights the proclamation that happens in the Pulpit and the Congregation and seeks to explore the extent to which we are aware of and are cultivating the synergy between the two.

Ministers Requested Topic


Ryhan Prasad


Kia ora, I  have a strong interest in reaching out to people with the good news of the Gospel and seeing that form and reform the Church in our time.  My ministry continues to be impacted strongly by the children and young people I encounter and I believe sustainable high quality youth ministry is one of the keys to the Presbyterian Church going forward.  My wife Ani and I have two son’s Eli and Theo and currently minister at Khandallah Presbyterian Church in Wellington.