Registration, meals and bunk bed

Ohope Christian Camp

Immediately adjacent to Ohope marae is Ohope Christian Camp. This camp offers bunk room accommodation, aach room comes with 8 bunks, a double bed, sink, fridge / freezer, microwave oven and 1 toilet.

This Presbyterian camp was established through volunteers from 1932 and in place before the Marae, which was established in the mid-40’s, Knox (Ohope) Church which is also onsite was established in the 80’s.

The camp was established to service youth, in those days the Bible Class Movement which was very strong and was also used by Knox for Sunday services.
The camp today is still owned by PCANZ Property Trustees, but is funded independently through youth groups, churches, school and sporting / community groups that use it.
The camp is in a unique location on Ohope Beach and is still connected with the Knox (Ohope) Church and the Church Marae. People find the camp to be a place of peace, tranquillity and fun, hopefully a life changing experience through God’s grace and blessing.

PYM will be managing the booking of this facility.