40 hour famine – accompanying resources

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Each year many youth groups run a 40 hour famine (not always 40 hours). Annually World Vision runs their famine at http://www.famine.org.nz/

In the States the Fuller Youth Institute created an awesome accompaniment which is for any youth worker who wants to increase their students interaction with issues related to hunger and poverty and equip them to live out kingdom-of-God responses. Please not it keeps referring to a 30 hours famine, because in the States World Vision famine is only 30 hours. Doesn’t that sound appealing :)

Be sure to save it to your computer’s hard drive and look through it before printing, as it contains over 80 pages of material!

We suggest you begin with the Leader’s Guide to get a feel for the different ways you can use this resource, and then print one module at a time as you are preparing to lead students through the series.

Click here to download (2 MB PDF) this FREE youth ministry curriculum from Kara Powell and the Fuller Youth Institute:

If you would rather download the guide and modules separately, you may do so using these links:

Leader’s Guide (399 KB PDF)

Module 1 (504 KB PDF)

Module 2 (486 KB PDF)

Module 3 (507 KB PDF)

Module 4 (526 KB PDF)