Congregation Youth Ministry Review Documents

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Congregations can indeed nurture youth to a vital Christian faith! Based on a national research study, The Spirit and Culture of Youth Ministry provides insights into what congregations are doing to foster a vibrant, committed Christian faith in the lives of youth people. The Spirit and Culture of Youth Ministry is more than eye-opening research — it is a toolbox chock-full of insight, diagnostic instruments and practical observations for Christian communities who want to get youth ministry right.” – Kenda Creasy Dean.

Below are eight evaluation tools that you can use to assess the health of your youth ministry and its wider church context. We suggest that you use one or two of these evaluation tools at time, asking several diverse stakeholders in your church (i.e different aged young people, leaders, parents, community kids and their parents, church elders etc. to fill out the evaluation then work through the findings with your team. Use the book The Spirit and Culture of Youth Ministry to help you process your results and feel to contact us for any support.

Youth Ministry Review Documents