Council for World Mission

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CWM is a global partnership of churches committed to partnership in the work and witness
of Christian mission. In this process CWM shares resources of money, people, skills and
insights. The practice of holding resources for mission in common is therefore deeply embedded
in the family and communal ethos of CWM.

Since its inception in 1977 the organisation has subscribed to the view that “to share in
international mission every church is both a receiver of help and a giver of its talents” and upheld the principle whereby each member church may receive in accordance with its need and give in accordance with its means.

This guide holds to these  fundamental principles, and provides a more comprehensive reference and guideline to the churches as to the protocol and procedures within CWM for accessing common resources to initiate, promote or enhance their mission and ministry activities.

All applications should be sent to the CWM general secretary so that work can be coordinated, responses sent out and applications processed in accordance with the published dates and procedures. This work is facilitated by a Programme Management Group, which is based at Ipalo House and is made up of staff. This group meets regularly to consider all applications for resources, and to prepare the applications for presentation to the CWM Trustee Body

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