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Discover Life is a nine week programme written by Jim Wallace back in 1995. This course can be used for confirmation, or a believers class, or a small group study. Jim Wallace had 2000 copies printed, and he is now left with his last copy

To keep this resource alive, PYM has made a digital version of Discover Life freely available for it’s intended use – youth ministry. I have split this manual up into more manageable sizes, so you may print off the relevant pages at the right time. A link to the entire resource is at the bottom of the page

Rev Jim Wallace B.Sc., B.Soc.Sc., B. Theol.

Jim went to University as an Atheist. He became a Christian while studying Science. (Physics)

He has been the minister of St. James, Waihi. He was involved in the building of the new church centre, St. John’s in the City, Rotorua. He moved to Tauranga to plant the new Presbyterian Church – Bethlehem Community Church in Tauranga. He is now working to grow and strengthen St. Enoch’s Presbyterian Church in the centre of Tauranga. Jim is married to Laurelle and between them they have 5 children.

Jim is concerned that Christians understand what it means to be Christians in today’s world and that they experience all God has for them so as to be equipped to serve Jesus.

The Sessions

  1. What is a Christian? How to make a commitment to Jesus Christ
  2. God and Jesus? What does it mean to say “Jesus is my Lord?”
  3. The Holy Spirit – empowering believers in the Bible, in the past and today
  4. The enemies of God – including the occult
  5. Receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  6. Discovering the Gifts of the Spirit
  7. Serving the Lord – Giving time, talents and tithes
  8. Baptism and Communion
  9. Taking your Vows of commitment

Discover Life