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About Echo the Story

Echo the Story is a 12-week Bible overview for youth,  a sequential telling of Bible stories followed by a time of creative retelling and in-depth dialogue.

Founded by Michael Novelli, Echo the Story is an imaginative way to engage in the Bible using storytelling, observation, and dialogue.

How it Works

The Process

Echo The Story creates an imaginative environment that helps students discover meaning and identity in the Biblical narrative.

Youth Curriculum Session Flow:

  • Rewind – use an animated video to review previous stories (5 minutes)
  • Prepare – focus our minds for imaginative listening (5 minutes)
  • Imagine – listen actively to a live telling of a Bible story (10 minutes)
  • Capture – record observations by sketching or writing (5 minutes)
  • Remix – choose from drawing or writing activities to retell part of the story in your own way (15 minutes)
  • Connect – share insights through guided dialogue (15 minutes)

Example Story

This is session three, It includes a welcome video, leaders guide which includes the story, and also the youth journal pages.

This example is session three, so when you watch the welcome video, you will see the recap of the first two sessions, which sets the scene before you read the story.


Session Three: The Promise (Leader Guide Sample)

Session Three: The Promise (Sketch Journal Sample)

Borrow Echo the Story

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