Faith Formation – Young Adults

Faith Formation Learning Exchange is an awesome website source for research, practices, resources & approaches in faith formation across the whole life span.

Here I have linked to their adolescents articles.


Faith Formation in Christian Practices with Youth and Young Adults – Don Richter
Don Richter offers thoughtful commentary and practical ideas for developing Christian practices faith formation with young adults based on his experience with the Valparaiso Project on the Education and Formation of People in Faith and his work on the book, Way to Live.
(Source: Lifelong Faith Journal,

Faith Formation of Young Adults – Joan Weber
In this article Joan Weber blends theory and practice by offering insights into young adult development and faith growth, characteristics of faith formation with young adults, pastoral approaches and strategies for faith formation with young adults, and opportunities for faith formation in existing programs and ministries.
(Source: Lifelong Faith Journal,

Faith Formation with Emerging Adults – John Roberto
How can churches address the distinctive spiritual and religious needs of emerging adults? What does faith formation with emerging adults look like? To answer these questions Part 1 of this article presents research findings on what young adults are seeking in a congregation and what congregations are doing to address their religious and spiritual needs. Part 2 presents a variety of congregational examples of approaches, ideas, and practices in faith formation with emerging adults. The insights from research and practice provide approaches that a congregation can utilize in developing or enhancing faith formation with emerging adults.
(Source: Lifelong Faith Journal,

Young Adults in a Changing Church – Shannyn Magee
This article reports on a survey conducted by Shannyn Magee on young adults and her suggestions and directions for ministry with young adults. In her survey of 634 young adults, ages 25-35, 71.8% stated they engaged in daily prayer or scripture reading and 71.1% engage in spiritual or religious practices or development centered on Christian beliefs. In addition, 88.6% stated they have an interest or desire to grow spiritually. She explores how congregations can connect with a population so eager and willing to engage in faith development.