Goosechase – photo scavenger hunt

goosechase photo scavenger huntGoosechase

Youth Groups around New Zealand are now using this free app to run awesome photo scavenger hunts.

How to run a Goosechase photo scavenger hunt

Gooschase is a very easy way to run a photo scavenger hunt.

Pre setup the scavenger hunt on the app with relevant tasks for your location.

On the day of the hunt, make sure each team has an adult, a phone with the app downloaded, and a car if needed.  Give them a time limit and then send them out.

And then sit back, and watch the photos come in live on your device. At the end, you will have a slideshow ready to show participants. Best of all, this app is free.

What people are saying

“I used the GooseChase app you recommended, it was amazing!! Will definitely use it again. Thanks for the recommendation!” – Emma Gallacher, St Andrews Church, Mt Maunganui