Kahoot – quiz software

quiz softwareKahoot – Quiz Software

Often youth groups run quizzes. And Kahoot‘s quiz software makes the whole experience of creating a quiz very easy, professional and free!

The way that it works is you create a quiz beforehand. Then young people individually or in team log into kahoot.it through their mobile devices. All they have to do is enter the pin # Kahoot gives you when you create the game and a Nickname. And, of course, you can instantly boot that annoying kid who creates an obscene Nickname. I see you Amandahugandkiss!

Each question can have an associated picture or video, and 2 – 4 multiple choice answers. There must be at least one correct answer (but more can be chosen), and the time-limit for each question can be individually set from 5 seconds to 2 minutes.

Youth Groups through NZ are loving this free software that was originally designed for the classroom. Check it out, it’s awesome.

Kahoot’s Quiz Software in Action