Police Checks

police form badge

Anyone who works or volunteers with children, youth or families must undergo a police check prior to their appointment.

The Application form for a Police Check must be completed by the Session Clerk.

Pages 1 of the  Request and Consent form should be filled in by the session clerk and pages 2 and 3 by the applicant.

When police checking multiple people, the application form only needs to filled in once, but the Request and Consent form needs to be filled in for each police check.

The Police Vetting Service will only process Consent Forms that are signed within the last three months.

Before you send a consent form to us, please check

  • The Date and Place of Birth have been entered.
  • The person is over 17 years of age.
  • The form has been signed within 3 months.
  • You have attached 2 forms of identification.(see below)

An application form should be completed and signed by the Session Clerk. Once the request and consent forms have been completed they should be sent with the application form for police vetting to Margaret Fawcett at the General Assembly Office for processing through the police website.

For more information, please contact Margaret by email or call 04 381 8291


In order to confirm the identity of the applicant, two forms of ID must be sighted, one primary and one secondary, one of which must be photographic.

Primary IDs include:

  • Passport (NZ or Overseas)
  • NZ Firearms Licence
  • NZ Full Birth Certificate (issued on or after 1981 )
  • NZ Citizenship Certificate
  • NZ Refugee Travel Document
  • NZ Emergency Travel Document
  • NZ Certificate of Identity

Secondary IDs include:

  • NZ Driver Licence
  • 18+ card
  • NZ Full Birth Certificate (issued before 1998)
  • Community Services card
  • SuperGold Card
  • NZ Employee Photo Identification Card
  • NZ Student Photo Identification Card
  • Inland Revenue number
  • NZ issued utility bill (issued not more than six months earlier)
  • NZ Teachers Registration certificate
  • NZ Electoral Roll Record
  • International Driving Permit
  • Steps to Freedom Form