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Self confidence (The Simpsons – Bart Gets And F)
Self esteem
Forgiving others – (The Fast Show)
Guilt and Forgiveness – Forest Gump or What Women Want
Shine like Stars (Drama)
Friends (Toy Story II)
Self control – (The Simpsons – The Last Temptation of Homer)
Lost in the dark?
Bad Language
Puberty (Kevin and Perry)
Marriage / cohabitation (Four Weddings And A Funeral)
Christian stereotypes (The Simpsons – Homer the Heretic)
Mission Impossible – (Mission Impossible)
Looking out for planet Earth (The Matrix / The Day After Tomorrow / An Inconvenient Truth)
Men v women
Homosexuality (Harry Enfield and Chums)
What should a good relationship be about? (The Simpsons – I’m With Cupid)
Love is…
Dishonesty / lies
Decisions (drama)
Discussion questions 1
Is Big Brother Watching (The Trueman Show)
Do you know the truth? (The Matrix)
Prayer 1: the news
What is Christmas about? (The Grinch)
What does Christmas mean to you? (Drama)
Consumerism (The Simpsons – Marge Not Be Proud)
Drugs ‘n’ stuff
Peer pressure
Acceptance (Trigger Happy TV)
Do we have a right to privacy? (EdTV)
Friends…boyfriends…girlfriends (Friends series 7 TOW nap partners)
Being a good friend (Friends)
Stress (Happy Gillmoor)
The good times and the bad times / Self esteem (Bridget Jones’s Diary)
Friends / bullying / forgiveness (Billy Madison)
Fitting in (Never Been Kissed)
Prayer (Meet The Parents)
Light and darkness (For Bonfire Night)
Spend, Spend, Spend (Brewser’s Millions)
Abortion (The Cider House Rules) (The Cider House Rules)
Drugs (Looser)
Healthy / Unhealthy relationships (About A Boy)
Self Image / Beauty (Shallow Hal)
Vegetarianism (The Simpsons – Lisa the Vegetarian)
Help! (Terminator 2)
Music (Wayne’s World)
Win / Lose
Faith (The Matrix)
Hypocrisy (Friends series 7 – TOW all the cheese cakes)
Outline for a talk on Grief
Love / Valentines (Video to ‘Another Chance‘ by Dirty Vegas)
Purpose / Why are we here (The Fellowship Of The Rings)
Happiness (drama)
Past / future 1
The nature of God (Bruce Almighty)
Courage – (Jerry McGuire)
Life is a journey (Planes, Trains and Automobiles)
What do you put your trust in? / Fashion / Fame
Masks – (MIB 2)
Prayer candles
Loyalty – (The Man In The Iron Mask)
Choices (Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade)
Avril Lavigne – Complicated
There’s a time for…
Halloween – (The Simpsons Tree House of Horror IV)
Prayer Collage 1 or Prayer Collage 2
Love / hate (Friends – The one with the rumour)
Christmas 2003 (The Jesus Video)
Church (A Knight’s tale)
Standing up for your beliefs (Brave Heart)
Prejudice / Racism (Remember the Titans)
Crime and punishment (The Italian Job)
Be different
Year 10 Options (Bend it like Beckham)
Happy New Year!
Fighting (Spiderman)
Love / Valentines (10 Things I hate about you)
Easter ‘hero’ (Armageddon)
Prayer (Bruce Almighty)
Parties, drinks and drugs (28 days)
Rivalry (The Simpsons – Lisa’s rival)
Easter (About a boy)
Where do you stand? (Homer the Heretic)
Anger (Anger Management)
Friends (Forest Gump)
Miracles (Drama)
Good news (Harry Enfield – Kevin and Perry)
TV (Friends)
How far should I go with my boyfriend? (40 days and 40 nights)
Superstition / 911
Harvest service prayers
Giving / Christmas (Ghost)
Unfinished Sentences
What is God like? (Bruce Almighty)
Where is Christ in your Christmas? (The Grinch)
How we effect other people (Billy Madison)
Miracles (Greenmile)
Rivalry (Zoolander)
Holy spirit
The Bible
What does God think of me? (Planes, trains and Automobiles)
Forgiveness (Kevin and Perry)
Under Pressure (Kindergarten cop)
Love (Love Actually)
Infidelity (Sliding doors / Along Came Polly)
Purpose (Cast Away)
Prayers for our nation (For a family service)
Gossip (Gossip)
Money (Bible study)
Night clubbing
Heaven and Hell (Cast Away)
Teenage Pregnancy (Saved!)
Why are we here? (Mission Impossible 2)
More Proverbs (Eminem / Water Boy)
Rules & Boundaries (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Sex and relationships (Virtual Sexuality)
Fear (Crash / Indiana Jones and the last crusade)
101 things to do before you die (Field of dreams)
Where are you at – reflections using objects
Ten Rules for life (I, Robot)
Belief (MIB)
Friends / Boyfriends / Girlfriends
New Year questionnaire
Parents (Kevin and Perry / Big Daddy / Armageddon)
Outline for Life after school
Outline for Relationships (Hitch)
Justice (Part of a Murder Mystery night)
Having a bad day (Planes, Trains and Automobiles)
Popularity (Mean Girls)
Bullying lesson Plan 1: What is Bullying?
Bullying lesson Plan 2: I am who I am (part 1)
Bullying lesson Plan 3: I am who I am (part 2)
Bullying lesson Plan 4: Help!!!
Pass the Parcel
Harvest week 1 (drama)
Harvest week 2 (Bible verses)
Love all you need is… (Powerpoint)
Purpose (Powerpoint)
TV / films – ideas for development