Re:form Traditions

reform traditions

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What is Re:form Traditions

Re:form Traditions is a four-unit curriculum that shares the history, beliefs, and practices that help youth discover how their faith tradition came to be.

There is a Methodist, Lutheran and Reformed (Presbyterian) version of Re:form Traditions. We only have the Reformed edition in our Multimedia Library.

Re:form Traditions – Reformed includes 4 sessions (Backstory, Beliefs, Practices, and Tradition Today):

  1. Was the Reformed tradition really started by a control freak?
  2. If God has already predestined me to heaven or hell, why does it matter what I do?
  3. What’s so great about doing things decently and in order?
  4. Are we reformed or reforming?


Session Sample

Download (132.2MB ZIP)

Download samples of the Anti-Workbook pages, Leader Guide pages, and video for a single session.

What happens during a re:form Traditions session?

Each session has three components. During Encounter, a DVD grabs everyone’s attention with animations that introduce the session questions. Then, in Engage, the Anti-Workbook challenges youth to wrestle with key concepts from their faith tradition through enticing activities. In Respond, teens are prompted to share what they’ve discovered.


How does re:form Traditions help leaders prepare?

The Leader Guide includes everything you’ll need: theological and biblical background, notes on adolescent development, definitions and supply lists, and discussion guidance for videos and activities. In other words, the prep work is done so you can focus on facilitating the discussion.


How does the Bible play into re:form Traditions?

Each session connects the faith tradition to scripture, and the activities reinforce the biblical messages and how they informed the denomination’s beliefs and practices.


It’s not all silliness—there’s substance?

Substance and humor are always paired up in re:form Traditions resources. First and foremost, historical accuracy and theology is at the core of each session. Humor is often the vehicle for delivering the messages in a way that speaks to youth.