Safety in Youth Ministry

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We are strongly recommending that every church puts their leaders who work with children and young people through the PCANZ Safety Warrant of Fitness (WOF) once every three years.


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WOF Youth Safety Manual

It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of OUR YOUNG PEOPLE and OURSELVES, AS YOUTH LEADERS, in youth ministry. This booklet contains guidelines that will set you up to do this.

If you are unclear about a situation or procedure, ask your co-workers, supervisor or contact us at the Presbyterian Youth Ministry Office.

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Camp Safety Resource

When running a youth camp, whether as a single youth group or a joint initiative, safety procedures must be put in to place in advance and be signed off by the church, presbytery or organisation taking responsibility.

This resource gives you template documents you can use and an imaginary example of an Easter Camp, to see the documents in action.

Safety in Youth Ministry Resources