Fat Cat – Big Dog


One person blindfolded tries to hit others below the waist with a pool noddle. When they shout ‘Fat Cat’ everyone else must shout ‘Big Dog.’


Hit everyone else with noodle while blind folded below the waist.

  • Pool noodle
  • Blindfold
How to Play Fat Cat – Big Dog
  1. Define the playing area, (a circle is a good idea)
  2. Everyone stands inside the defined area.
  3. 1 Person is blindfolded and has the pool noodle.
  4.  When you say “go”, the blindfolded person tries to hit people below the waist with the noodle.
  5. To know where people are, the blindfolded person yells out “Fat Cat” and everyone inside the circle must reply “Big Dog.”
  6. People hit by the noodle are out.
  7. Last person remaining wins.

Make the circle smaller as people get eliminated, otherwise it becomes to difficult.