Ga-ga Ball


A very fast version of dodge ball played in a pit.


To not let the ball touch you below the knees.

  • 6 or more trestle tables
  • ball
How to Play Ga-ga ball:
  1. Place trestle tables on their sides and form a hexagon (or Octagon or whatever).
  2. Players stand inside the playing area, close to the edge but not touching the tables.
  3. The ball is always live and is hit by the players at one another (not grabbed and thrown).
  4. If a player is hit below the knees, they are out and they leave the playing area.
  5. Rebounds count…the ball is always live.
  6. Last person left wins.

You can give people lives, so if they are hit once, they put an arm behind their back, hit twice, they have to hop, hit third time, and you are out.

Interesting fact.

Ga-ga literally means ‘touch-touch’ in Hebrew