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Tips for applying for Funding

Here are our top ten tips for when you are applying for youth ministry funding in Aotearoa New Zealand.

1. All funding applications are different so make sure you read the application form carefully and understand what is needed.

2. Check the closing date. Plan ahead to ensure that you have all the additional information you need to submit a full application before the due date.

3. Check that your purpose and project fits within the funders criteria. Many funders encourage you to ring them and discuss your project.

4. Be specific about your project. Answer the questions.

  • Why – purpose of your project
  • What – steps to complete the project
  • Who – people involved
  • How – methods to complete the project

5. Assume the funder knows nothing about your group or project. Make sure you give some background about your group and its objectives.

6. Fill in every section of the application form. If possible use black ink (it is much easier to read and photocopy). Do not bind or put your application in folders. Staple the pages together in the top left corner.

7. Give an outline of your current financial position and include your Annual Financial Statements.

8. Include all the information requested. Make sure that the contact person on the application form is actually available to take phone calls.

9. Keep a copy of the application. It will make it easier next time you apply and also when you need to fill out any evaluation forms down the track.

10. Be realistic, be honest and don’t rely on one funder to fund your whole project.

Funding Sources

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