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Tips For Leading Bible Studies

  • Open in prayer. Ask God to help us understand the passage and apply what we learn to our lives.
  • Clearly explain that the study is meant to be a discussion. Encourage every group member to participate.
  • Take time to read and understand the passage. Have a group member read the passage aloud. Then give several minutes to read the passage again silently so that everyone can take it in.
  • Stay focused on the chosen passage of scripture.
  • Don’t be afraid of silence. People need time to think about the question before expressing their thoughts out loud.
  • Avoid answering your own questions. If necessary rephrase them until they are clearly understood. An eager group quickly becomes passive and silent if they think you will do most of the talking.
  • Don’t be content with just one answer. Ask what others in the group think, until several people have had an opportunity to give answers to the question. Acknowledge all contributions. Be affirming. Never reject an answer.
  • Don’t expect every answer to be addressed to you. As the group becomes more at ease, they will broaden their interaction with each other. This is a sign of a healthy discussion.
  • From time to time summarise what the group has said about the passage. This helps to draw the various ideas together and gives continuity to the study. Don’t preach.
  • Conclude your time together with prayer. Ask God’s help in following through any lessons learned or commitments you have made.
Creative Bible Study Methods for Youth Leaders

These top tips came from Creative Bible Study Methods for Youth Leaders by Grahame Knox