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Check out CWS’s colourful Youth Topic posters, they are designed for youth workers to use with young people aged 12-18, and a new one comes out every few months.  Youth Topics uses games, activities, discussion starters, quizzes and worship material to get young people interested in global issues and make the connections with our lives in Aotearoa New Zealand. It suggests actions to take in the campaign for a fairer world. In the past, topics have included sports, shoe manufacturing, refugees, rubbish, water and chocolate.(see all)

The Posters hav an.image on one side, with games, activities, discussion starters, quizzes and worship material on the other. CWS will happily mail you a free copy of an A2 poster, and it is easy to photocopy as A4 if needed.

Example Youth Topic Poster: More Climate Change means less Food:

By 2015, 375 million people will be affected by climate-related disasters.  Droughts, floods, sea level rises will wipe out crops and destroy fisheries.  Yet it is the poorer people will face the storm.  Explore the issues in depth.

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Youth Topics Activities

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