We have heard from many people who are hoping we can run our national youth ministry conference Connect this year. We communicated that we would be making an announcement about Connect by the 21st February.  

Well, here we are in February, and the Omicron variant of COVID is clearly starting its upward trend on the bell curve, which makes it’s it very hard to be certain about upcoming events. We believe we will be in a much better place in a couple of months’ time to make a decision about Connect 2022.  

What we can say at this point is that we have provisional dates booked for El Rancho, Wellington on the on the 22-24 July, and we ask that you put these dates in your calendar. 

As we discern putting on Connect ‘22 we will continue pray, pay attention to the news and experts, and engage our key stakeholders and colleagues.  

Connect is:


This year we will have 4 keynotes and over 30 theoretical, theological and practical workshops. Each session is led by someone who researches it, teaches it or lives it.


Meet new friends and rediscover old ones. You’ll find opportunities to share about your life and your ministry, and to connect with others.


We are going to be blessed through the Connect worship team who will provide an awesome worship environment and opportunities to nurture the soul.


Along with the resources being provided through the workshops, you can visit the Youth MInistry Exhibition, the PYM youth library, the multimedia library, the bookstore and the ResourceMe stand.

“What an amazing event that provides so much! This felt like being spoilt, trained, counselled, listened to, taught, refined, discipled, cleansed and more!”

– Connect 2015 participant –